"Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can't create it if you don't have one."



Forget the Myers-Briggs fucking personality assessment. I am dead tired of hearing if someone is an INFP or an ESLQ or whatever. I want to know if someone is melancholic or choleric. Bring back the four humors. I wanna see “Kaley, 16, phlegmatic” when I go to someone’s blog. Who is with me. Lets make this happen

here's a test i found. go wild, y'all. (im choleric.)

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Don't worry, I'll have a sophisticated conversation with the wind and persuade it to be less violent. It will work, trust me.

I’m counting on you, anon. Cause it’s not just my well-being at stake here, my bros are down in basements too. 

Don't be scared of nature, dear. Thunder is your friend.

I try not to be. I love the thunder, the rain, the lightning. But please, someone talk to the wind and the tornadoes for me and tell it to stop.

Where did your brother get the sword from? (I'm sending you like 30 asks so ready yourself.

The Botanical Gardens in my city has a Japanese Festival every year. It’s wonderful. And there are some vendors who set up who sell swords, and I guess that when they were selling like katanas and whatnot, they were also selling fantasy/famous swords too.

It’s storming pretty bad outside and there’s tons of lightning and I need a distraction. Flood my inbox. Keep me distracted and sane.

For your Irish Mythos, did you research? Or did you happen to already know of the folklore already? Are you also planning to make more about British Isles mythology?

Yes, yes, and yes. 
I knew many of the creatures/dieties already from growing up, but less than i would have liked on some others. So I spent a day wandering about asking questions and researching our Good Neighbors. :) Prior knowledge definitely helped in that. Irish mythology is somewhat scrambled, but there are general consensuses about things once you gather enough sources. I just condensed the main ideas and went from there. 

I do definitely plan to do a part two, this one including Banshee, Fomorians, Red Caps, and a few others. :) 

I’m going through the reblog tags of my Irish Mythos post and I’m seeing a lot of “writing refs” “reference” and “ideas” and I’m just sitting here like YES I NEED MORE IRISH-INSPIRED LITERATURE IN MY LIFE YES PLEASE